【CELM Knowledge Bank】HR tech for enhancing the L&D experience in the digital age

The HR tech market is expanding rapidly, with new technologies and vendors entering the market on an almost daily basis. Choosing the right tool can dramatically reduce manual effort and improve the accuracy and efficiency of many HR processes.


One such tool we recommend for L&D professionals is “Gnowbe” (https://www.gnowbe.com/enterprise), and here is why.


  • It can be used as a platform to enhance face-to-face and/or blended training programs
    • <Before training> share trainer & participant information, syllabus, messages from top management, pre-reading material, etc
    • <During training> allow participants to network with trainer and each other via SNS-style interface, share supplementary resources, etc
    • <After training> provide further resources, follow-up support from trainer and/or HR track participant performance before & after training, maintain participant community to encourage continued networking activities


  • It can also be used as a mobile micro-learning platform
    • Utilize existing courses or curate your own content
    • System applies gamification principles to create fun and drive higher engagement
    • Daily bite-sized practice and feedback enhances adult learning
    • Option to integrate micro-learning content into larger training programs


  • Furthermore, it can be used as a tool for talent management
    • Store participant information in the system after every training program
    • Utilize database to track and map out development of key talents


If you are interested in incorporating HR tech tools in your L&D and talent management scheme, please get in touch with one of our sales consultants for further information.


【Asia News】Innovation created from the Coronavirus pandemic

Our lifestyle has changed completely after COVID-19 began. The biggest change will be the evolution of remote working. We do not need to choose the location and time with remote working, so it is changing our work style or even our values too. This big change is a great opportunity for innovation to produce a new way of thinking, idea, and products.

We, CELM ASIA will hold a workshop showing how you can use this chance to create new business opportunities. Of course, this course will be held remotely and will be a four month program. You would be able to learn a model to set up a new business plan and also to have a chance to meet entrepreneurs/start-up producers. This opportunity happens because we are located in Singapore! Let us help you take a big step forward to your business!

Click here for the program “Cross-Sector 2020” details.

【Asia News】Virtual Teambuilding

Singapore’s government moved to phase 2 level restrictions on June 19. It has been 3 months since the CB(circuit breaker) started. Our working style has changed so quickly, getting used to having online meetings and working from home. There is an acronym “MBWA”, which stands for “management by wondering around”. What this concept means is basically managers spending part of their time listening to problems and ideas of their staff. This is hard to do in the current environment working from home. We think teambuilding is very important, and is easy to do online.

There are many ideas of teambuilding activities that can be done online. Some examples include “discuss with team about Tea vs. Coffee”, “online campfire with tea candle and marshmallow”, “trivia quiz party” or “dance party”. If you set the time (like 15 min), then you can set a challenge to find out more about your team member in such a short time. If you don’t have any other ideas, an “Online drinking party (Online Nomikai)” is the easiest way to bond with your team.

Because of COVID-19, many services have been established online for helping the teambuilding. Remo (https://remo.co/) is like a virtual café, where you can easily move from table to table and meet and chat with new people.

So, give it a try! You may start with only a 15 min talk about nothing with your team once a week.


Teambuilding supporting services

  • https://epicworkshops.sg/
  • https://www.actionteams.com.sg/



We held “Cross-sector Innovation Program in Asia(2020)”.

CELM ASIA Pte, Ltd. conducted its five month “Cross-sector Innovation Program in Asia” online for the first time. The program, which started in September 2020, was moved online due to the coronavirus pandemic limiting the ability to meet face to face.


The theme was “How to start the new business in Asia?” with 2 main concepts: 1) understanding the innovation model, and 2) practical action learning. Attendees conducted a deep dive discussion on this theme, and we also invited guests from EDB (Singapore Economic Development Board) and 4 start-up companies from NUS (National University of Singapore). Attendees, were inspired to discuss their outcomes on new digital technology and collaboration strategies with the guest speakers.


We are planning to hold this exciting program again in 2021,. We will be ready to host this program virtually once more, but hoping for the opportunity to provide in person to our participants.

Click here to enquire about our 2021 program.

【CELM Knowledge Bank】Reimagining L&D in a Virtual Environment

Virtual learning, especially in the form of traditional eLearning, has existed long before COVID-19. However, the global pandemic is rapidly transforming the corporate education scene as L&D and training professionals alike are forced to resort to online means in an effort to accommodate for the safety and wellbeing of both educators and learners.

To help our clients better navigate this unknown territory, we have compiled a list of resources that not only cover important topics on how to choose the right delivery platform and technology but also how to adapt training design in order to maximize engagement and learning outcome.

We hope that you find these insight and actionable advice helpful for overcoming the challenges faced in moving corporate L&D online.


【Asia News】What happened after CB?

The Singapore government announced that the CB (circuit breaker) would end on June 1. But that did not mean everything went back to normal on June 2. They announced that the re-opening of the economy would gradually ease in three phases with safety measures, which is Phase 1 : Safe Re-opening, phase 2 : Safe Transition, and phase 3 : Safe Nation.

The reality is, phase 1 is not much different from the CB period. We are not allowed to meet our friends except family members, little shops are still closed, we are not allowed to eat in at the restaurants in Singapore. For the businesses, more businesses are allowed to resume operations, provided they acquire the necessary permissions and implement adequate safety measures like the Government’s “SafeEntry” system or staggered work hours. Otherwise it could lead to punishment. So that means “work from home” is still the regulation.

The conditions to shift to phase 2 are “If the community infection rates remain low and stable over the subsequent two weeks. The dormitory situation has also stabled”. The working from home is the still standard even once facing the phase 2, however almost the entire economy will re-open, subject to safe management measures being in place. People will be able to gather together in limited numbers and the other public facilities like sports gyms will be re-open. This seems like the “nearly there!” stage.

“Discovering, producing and distributing a safe and effective vaccine is vital to get life back to normal despite COVID-19.” Singapore’s Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong said June 5th in a message showing our “New normal life” has just started.

Please be safe and healthy.

【What’s New in HR】Let’s Check out your management and company current status! CELM ASIA has various survey and assessment tools during the COVID-19 CB period

If you find yourself with some extra time during this challenging COVID-19 CB period, it could be a good chance to assess your company’s operations? We have various surveys that can help you with this. We can customize them to suit objectives and applications. (English, Chinese, and Japanese are available.)


  1. Self-assessment of competency (For Individuals)
    Reveal each individual’s skills and competencies
  2. 360°leadership survey
    Give self-knowledge and awareness to next-generation leader candidates
  3. Executive Team/ Workplace and Team Survey (For Teams)
    Visualize the state of team management
  4. Engagement Survey/ Retention Survey (For Organizations)
    Ascertain employees’ engagement, and check retention factors


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【Asia News】COVID-19 Leadership and HR transformation

Some places have started easing COVID-19 restrictions and we still don’t know when it will be over. However, we are facing a “New Normal” and it is important for companies to have strong leadership.

We have listed some websites about leadership post COVID-19 and we hope that these resources will navigate you and your organization.

【Harvard Business Review】Leaders, Do You Have a Clear Vision for the Post-Crisis Future?

【Deloitte】The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19 / A guide for senior executives


【BCG】COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

How to Effectively Spend Your Time as a Leader

4 Fatal Mistakes Leaders Make in Crisis Management

The New Normal: Rebooting HR for Business Unusual | Webinar

【Asia News】We have compiled a list of websites for COVID-19 related resources.

In response to the continued disruption and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many world-renowned consulting firms and enterprises have created online information hubs that are dedicated to providing accurate data and professional insights on the ever-changing and unpredictable situation.

We have compiled a list of such websites and hope that these resources will help you and your organization better navigate the impact of COVID-19 on both the human and business front.


【Mercer】stay informed on coronavirus

【KPMG】Embedding resilience: Addressing the business challenges presented by the coronavirus

【Microsoft】Responding to COVID-19 together

【accenture】Outmaneuver uncertainty: Navigating the human and business impact of Covid-19


【Harvard Business Publishing】Resources to Lead Effectively Amid COVID-19

【CELM Knowledge Bank】We would like to introduce some websites for tips for remote working.

We have no choice but to work from home during this COVID-19 pandemic period. We have not expected this situation would happen. It is such a different environment compared with before and while there are difficulties, there are advantages for employees such as less stress of commuting.

We would like to introduce some websites that give you some ideas and tips for working from home. We hope this information will help you in creating a less-stressful work environment during these difficult times.

① Harvard Business Publishing


Virtual working skills


Remote communication


Activated Your Protential