Assessment / Survey

Celm has various survey and assessment tools. We can customize them to suit objectives and applications.
English, Chinese, and multiple other languages are supported.

For Individuals
For Individuals

Self-assessment of competency

Reveal each individual’s skills and competencies

  • Visualize what each person can readily apply their strengths to in their work (self, others, outputs, strategy, theories, information, time).
  • Determine suitability for jobs and roles through competency analysis of 28 points, combining the above targets and behavior styles.

For Leaders
For Leaders

360° leadership survey

Give self-knowledge and awareness to next-generation leader candidates

  • A lineup of management surveys tailored to different management levels (middle managers, senior managers, executives).
  • Question design can be customized based on the expected outputs and to-be form.

For Teams
For Teams

Executive Team/ Workplace and Team Survey

Visualize the state of team management

  • Define and visualize the states of team management and workplace abilities, and of various problems seen in national corporations and teams (autonomy, solidarity, drive), etc.
  • To enhance team ability, thinking about how each individual member can contribute creates opportunities for enjoying a sense of ownership.

For Organizations
For Organizations

Engagement Survey/ Retention Survey

Ascertain employees’ engagement, and check retention factors

  • Get a grasp of employees’ engagement with the company, the workplace, and their work, and check their ambition for continuation.
  • Based on our track record and abundant store of data, we can design questions which give a grasp of the wellsprings of engagement and the key elements of retention, provide analysis, and propose measures for future directions.

Illustration of Outputs

For the subject

We prepare personal reports to deepen self-knowledge.

For the subject

Example) Leadership Survey 360

For the executive office

We prepare reports which compare between sites, between questions, etc.

For the executive office

Example) Team Survey

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