Declaration of Elimination of Antisocial Forces

We CELM Group (hereinafter referred to as “Our company group”) completely exclude any antisocial forces and fulfill the mission of our basic philosophy “Establishing social significance” to herewith declare, as a societally trusted company, following 8 points.

  1. Our company group will take action against any antisocial forces as the whole of an organization including CEO and top management executives and will not leave any antisocial forces related matters up to a contact person or contact department.
  2. Our company group will secure the safety of employees who address any antisocial forces related matters.
  3. Our company group will address the elimination of antisocial forces in coordination with external professional agencies including the police, National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and lawyers.
  4. Our company group will completely terminate any relations with antisocial forces, including business relations such as providing goods and services.
  5. Our company group will remain firm in rejecting the undue claims of antisocial forces.
  6. Our company group will take legal action under both civil and criminal codes against the undue claims of antisocial forces.
  7. Our company group will take transparent action and never accept the behind-the-scenes deal for concealing a fact, even if the undue claims of antisocial forces are based on scandals related to business activities or scandals of employees.
  8. Our company group will never provide a fund for antisocial forces.

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