News 02 July 2020

【Asia News】Innovation created from the Coronavirus pandemic

Our lifestyle has changed completely after COVID-19 began. The biggest change will be the evolution of remote working. We do not need to choose the location and time with remote working, so it is changing our work style or even our values too. This big change is a great opportunity for innovation to produce a new way of thinking, idea, and products.

We, CELM ASIA will hold a workshop showing how you can use this chance to create new business opportunities. Of course, this course will be held remotely and will be a four month program. You would be able to learn a model to set up a new business plan and also to have a chance to meet entrepreneurs/start-up producers. This opportunity happens because we are located in Singapore! Let us help you take a big step forward to your business!

Click here for the program “Cross-Sector 2020” details.

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