Emerging from Asia
to Change the World

Since Celm was founded in 1996, we have set our two great missions as “Raise leaders” and “Strengthen organizational foundations through middle management”, and have built long-term trust relationships with major Japanese-affiliated companies, providing them with continuous support.
Since we established CELM Asia in Singapore in 2013, we have taken the same approach around Asia, asking each company individually about local issues and how they want to be in future. We then deliver solutions by customizing for each local client and collaborating with local partners.
We have built up a record of performance in talent management support, the construction of personnel development systems, organizational development, and other operations in many parts of Asia.

In the course of completing many projects, we have always been aware of Asia’s enormous potential.
Asia is a gathering of diverse peoples, where varied cultures and values swirl together, and it is growing. It has the power to keep moving forward, with a “try it and see” approach.

Japanese-affiliated companies have many strengths, but in this kind of global expansion, they still have many issues to address in speed and decision making, and in the use and retention of local personnel.
With “innovation out of Asia” as our motto, we are helping companies to accelerate as they take on new challenges, with initiatives such as starting virtual innovation projects that bring diverse Asian leaders together in teams.
In the coming age, ideas and creativity won’t just spring from inside companies.
Isn’t Asia the ideal laboratory for fostering innovation? Now is the time to accelerate corporate transformation and creativity that comes from Asia.

President and managing director



To fully support companies that are serious about going global

Aiming for the world and expanding to do business at the global level means looking to acquire and utilize human resources at the global level. Outstanding personnel are drawn to attractive companies. A company that can retain excellent personnel can build strong teams and execute the right strategy for any given region around the world.
Strategies are realized by people. In the VUCA age, if you aspire to global management, you need people and an organization that can employ much more flexible thinking and technology, and can achieve collaboration etc. through external networks.

We do our utmost to support companies that are serious about going global, and to build new management models, human resources, and organizations.


Our Spirit

The following aspects have been part of Celm’s spirit since our foundation:

1. Prioritize solutions to our customers’ challenges
2. Keep a sense of ownership
3. Be kind to people but tough on issues
4. Win-Win-Win
5. Have people who are capable of co-creation
6. Be courteous and express gratitude
7. Not “is it possible?”, but “will we do it?”
8. Constant challenge and evolution

Company Philosophy

Let’s draw dreams together

This is the principle of CELM at the time that we established the company. Our company name was originated from this principle as well.

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