CELM Asia Free Webinar 『Cultivating a Psychologically Safe environment for Design Thinking』

In today’s VUCA world as governments learn to live with COVID as the new norm, it is an especially important time for organizations to be able to constantly change and generate new ideas to keep them ahead of the market. Ideas that would have worked in the past may become outdated and not applicable in today’s times, even becoming obstacles to new ideas for the future. In such uncertain times, we wish for organizations to be able to take the steps to nurturing a psychologically safe environment which will be important in the cultivation of a culture of Design Thinking where ideas are encouraged and in abundance.

This seminar is open to all participants, ranging from junior managers to senior leaders and would be an eye opening session for participants who are especially interested in


  1. Success stories of innovation in leading organisations
  2. Design Thinking as a tool for generating a vast number of ideas
  3. Nurturing the culture of Psychological Safety for Design Thinking to thrive
  4. Common challenges encountered in a culture of innovation and how to overcome them

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CELM ASIA Online Seminar_Cultivating a Psychologically Safe environment for Design Thinking


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