News 02 June 2020

【What’s New in HR】Let’s Check out your management and company current status! CELM ASIA has various survey and assessment tools during the COVID-19 CB period

If you find yourself with some extra time during this challenging COVID-19 CB period, it could be a good chance to assess your company’s operations? We have various surveys that can help you with this. We can customize them to suit objectives and applications. (English, Chinese, and Japanese are available.)


  1. Self-assessment of competency (For Individuals)
    Reveal each individual’s skills and competencies
  2. 360°leadership survey
    Give self-knowledge and awareness to next-generation leader candidates
  3. Executive Team/ Workplace and Team Survey (For Teams)
    Visualize the state of team management
  4. Engagement Survey/ Retention Survey (For Organizations)
    Ascertain employees’ engagement, and check retention factors


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