Seminar 05 May 2020

We held “Open Innovator Development Program for Asian Local executives in cross-sectors”

CELM ASIA Pte, Ltd. had held its “Open Innovator Development Program for Asian Local executives in cross-sectors” program for 4 months from September 2019.

We are holding this program online in this year, 2020 in August to December. The theme of the program is “Innovation in the time of the COVID-19”!

In this program, future candidates for executives (Candidates for VP/Director) gathered from across many industries and received exciting lectures and stringent guidance offered by the leading business schools in Asia, namely National University of Singapore (NUS) and Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Attendees visited local companies in Asia and were exposed to the changes local markets and customers have experienced. The attendees, with fresh ideas, assembled teams of different industries, draft business plans, and discussed the plans with local companies.

At the conclusion of the program, the CSO of participant companies gave thoughtful feedback about business plans to attendees, leaving attendees with a positive and stimulating experience.

Please see the event video as follows.


Please see below for the event overview.

【Event Overview】

Target participants: Vice President/ Director Nominee (Both NS and Japanese)

Aim: Train local leaders’ mindset as an executive, idea making, and thinking ability as well as expanding business, utilizing strengths of their company through designing a business plan rooted to the local market


Program outline:

1) Understand process of Value-Based Market Paradigms and Asia market strategy. Start project work to think about future business plans in the Asian market by a cross-industry team.

2) Visit local companies in Singapore and Thailand to understand real market situations and to notice changing needs in the market and customers through field work. Build new business plans with fresh ideas and suggest it to top executives.

3) Obtain intellectual inspiration and strict guidance from professors from NUS in Singapore, Sasin Business School in Thailand and Waseda Business School

4) Strengthen the human network of management candidates in Asia and Oceania, and enlighten regional business synergies.



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