HRD Solution in Asia

Service Policy

CELM as “Bridge” across the boarder

CELM Asia places great value on the long-term partnership with clients. Our historical track records enable us to play a unique bridge role to build effective and efficient team by client stakeholders (global headquarter, regional headquarter and local operating entities.)



HRD for regional/local talent development

Developing regional/local leaders on a continuous basis is the first priority to win in the growing Asia marketplace. CELM Asia provides comprehensive HRD solutions for global companies.


Case Study

Here are some best practices that we have achieved.

We have been providing various solutions that focus on HRD challenges in Asia, including sharing and understanding corporate identity with local staffs, developing local managers, and designing a platform that develops global leaders.

Case 1
Corporate philosophy and management training for local directors
Case 2
Business design training for local high potentials
Case 3
Leadership training for local middle managers
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